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Senior Product Manager

Integrated Projects

Integrated Projects

New York, NY, USA
Posted on Monday, June 26, 2023

Join us as we take Integrated Projects Exchange (IPX), our fast growing digitization platform for building owners and design professionals, to the next level.

We're seeking a Senior Product Manager that'll play a fundamental role in revolutionizing how buildings are brought online with unprecedented accuracy, speed, and scale. The last 30 years of internet progress has largely overlooked the data trapped inside the walls of our homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. We’re working to change that.

This Senior Product Manager is not only seasoned in B2B SaaS product management but also eager to contribute to our ambitious vision to create great digitization products for our core customers.

Role Responsibilities:

  1. Lead the strategy and execution for the IPX platform, which combines 3D LiDAR scanning technology, 3D modeling in Autodesk Revit, and structured hosting of spatial data, to digitize buildings with exceptional accuracy—creating 3D plans, data, and reporting products for building owners and design professionals.
  2. Collaborate with customers to enhance our on-demand digitization service, ensuring a seamless experience for our users that transcends the building lifecycle—from acquisitions to design, procurement, facilities, and marketing.
  3. Develop IPX Platform features allowing users to view, share, download, report, and quantify their space from any browser efficiently. Use existing datasets and user feedback to optimize the IPX Platform and digitization services, prioritizing new initiatives that increase user value and propel business growth.
  4. Integrate closely with our team of software engineers, ML engineers, BIM specialists, data scientists, and operations teams to align our product vision, strategy, and roadmap with company objectives.
  5. Create and foster alliances with potential partners and key stakeholders, communicating plans and progress regularly to keep them informed and engaged.

With over 3,000 properties already digitized on IPX—ranging from homes to skyscrapers for Fortune 500 companies, small landlords, and design professionals—you'll contribute to a service that's making a tangible impact on the world. Come and be part of this groundbreaking journey.

Reports to:

Founder, CEO

Skill Sets Required

  1. A builder & leader, not a manager
  2. Strong listener, learner, and communicator.
  3. Proficiency in Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.
  4. 4+ years in product management, startups, and SaaS
  5. Proven track record of creating, managing, and launching innovative products at the intersection of real estate and building data.
  6. Perform complex strategic analysis and use data-driven insights to inform product development.
  7. Familiar with Airtable, Figma, Notion, Linear, AWS, Google Suite, and ChatGPT.
  8. Advanced skills in prototyping and data visualization tools, including Figma, Google Sheets, Airtable Interfaces, Tableau, PowerBI or similar.
  9. Strong understanding of the scan-to-BIM process including familiarity with 3D LiDAR scanning technology and its applications in building digitization, such as Leica, Faro, Matterport, and NavVis.
  10. Understanding of scripting and relevant APIs including familiarity with PyRevit, Autodesk Forge, Revit API.

Have an informed perspective on:

  1. The Building Lifecycle from Different Perspectives: Comprehensive understanding of the building lifecycle, from acquisitions to design, procurement, facilities, and marketing.
  2. Digital Transformation: Familiarity with reality capture, 3D modeling, data visualization and the benefits of building digitization.
  3. Understanding Unique Pain Points for CRE Owners: Knowledge of the commercial real estate industry and the challenges and opportunities building owners and design professionals face.

Problems to Solve & Products to Build

We’re tackling the digitization of the built environment through software and services. For this role, being able to succinctly connect our existing datasets with building owner’s highest needs is priority #1. This role will be responsible for building and owning these key areas:

IPX Interface:
Design, analyze, specify, and launch product developments on IPX including but not limited to:

  • Landlord Onboarding Experience
  • Project Sharing, Viewing, Downloading
  • Reporting Features
  • One-click Integrations with 3rd party services and proptechs.

Integrated Projects is committed to offering competitive and fair compensation for a company at our stage, and has provided an estimated pay range for this role. Actual compensation will be based on a candidate’s job-related skills, experience, education or training, and location.

Compensation is structured in three primary methods: annual salary, equity, and discretionary bonus compensation.

Compensation Breakdown

  • ($140,000 - $160,000) Annual Salary Compensation
  • (0.05-0.25%) Eligible Equity Compensation with a four-year vesting schedule (Based on a $15 Million Series Seed valuation.)
  • Eligible for Discretionary Bonus Compensation.

Operating Principles

Read our perspective here: Buildings V. The World

We’ve built a culture of long-term builders.

Till recently, Integrated Projects has differentiated itself from the market by focusing on sustainable, profitable growth—during a time of uncertainty, easy venture money, and wasteful spending. We’ve been obsessive about building for the long-term, while staying practical and creating value for building owners and design professionals today. If successful, digitizing and decarbonizing the built environment will likely not be accomplished within our lifetime—and yet, we’re focused on advancing it.

Here’s our basic operating principles that we expect you to exemplify:

  1. Partnerships, not projects: To solve the largest challenges we face with the built environment, it’s going to take an integrated, ‘all hands on deck’ approach. This means fostering a culture of connection, inclusiveness, and ‘dot-connectors’. Don’t be isolationists within an already fragmented industry.

  2. Show, don’t tell: There’s no shortage of ideas. But communicating how these ideas materialize and develop within a broader ecosystem is hard. Always take bias for showing, demoing, building, and writing—and be impatient keeping ideas to just talk.

  3. Simple, not simplistic: It’s easy to complicate, it’s hard to simplify.

  4. Be an owner, not a manager: Managers work for control, owners work for economics and growth. Run projects like you’re an owner.

  5. Be kind: We’re all just trying to figure this out.