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Full-stack Engineer

Integrated Projects

Integrated Projects

Software Engineering
United States
Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The Role:
The Full-stack Engineer at Integrated Projects will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software products that align with company standards and guidelines. This role entails working closely with cross-functional teams, integrating customer feedback into product development, and staying current on industry trends to maintain product competitiveness. The ideal candidate will have a robust skill set that includes working on front-end UI, developing back-end services, and a passion for building elegant solutions.

The Team You'll Join:
You'll be joining a diverse and innovative team at Integrated Projects, comprising individuals passionate about transforming the built environment through digitization. Our team consists of cross-functional professionals all working collaboratively to ensure successful product launches. We pride ourselves on our supportive and inclusive culture that values continuous learning and development, with each member contributing unique skills and perspectives to solve complex problems and deliver high-quality software products.

Where We Are:

Today, our verified database has over 2,000+ verified buildings. We’re digitizing about 6 point clouds a day from a variety of scanning hardware in any of the normal formats. The IPX platform supports our fulfillment efforts by providing a user-friendly interface for onboarding locations and requesting BIMIT and SCANIT services for those locations. Assets on IPX ultimately provide a comprehensive view of a building's information, assets, and quantities in a standardized format and enables sharing, downloading, service and add-on requests.

Where We Need Your Help Going:

  • Work closely with product to build user-facing features with beautiful and performant UI components.
  • Develop data pipelines, scripts, and components for ingesting, processing, viewing, and storing BIM data efficiently.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to work on front-end UI, develop the supporting back-end services, and has a passion for building elegant solutions.

The Difference You'll Make:

As a Full-stack Engineer at Integrated Projects, your work will significantly contribute to transforming the built environment sector. By designing, developing, and maintaining our software products, you'll play a crucial role in digitizing the built environment for building owners, architects, and engineers. Your innovative solutions will enhance product functionality based on customer feedback, maintaining our competitive edge. Beyond building and refining our technological offerings, your expertise will shape best practices in engineering, security, and design within our team. In essence, your efforts will drive our mission forward, directly impacting our users' experiences and the wider industry.

A Typical Day:

As a Full-stack Engineer Engineer at Integrated Projects you will spend a large part of your day coding, designing, and developing software products, while also collaborating with cross-functional teams to enhance product features based on customer feedback. Your day may involve debugging and troubleshooting software issues, participating in code reviews to ensure code quality, or building scalable backend services and APIs. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, you might find yourself researching industry trends and competitor activities, or working with the product team to create user-facing features with visually appealing and high-performance UI components. No two days are alike at Integrated Projects, but each day presents a new opportunity to leverage your technical skills to shape the future of the built environment sector.

Your Expertise:

  • Strong background in computer science or data science, with a degree or experience in a relevant field (e.g., Computer Science, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, or Engineering).
  • Ability to uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design
  • Strong experience in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, C#
  • Strong experience with version control systems like Git
  • Strong experience with web development frameworks like Next.js
  • Experience with a modern CSS framework like TailwindCSS
  • Experience with AEC software tools/APIs such as Revit API, Autodesk Forge, IFC.js, PyRevit


  • Experience with APIs such as Auth0, Stripe, Airtable, Slack, Matterport (GraphQL)
  • Familiarity with building scalable applications on AWS (s3, ec2, lambda, dynamodb)
  • Familiarity with serverless architecture, microservices, and Infrastructure-as-Code tools
  • Familiarity with building and publishing native mobile applications (iOS/Android)

Your Location:

This position is remote, offering you the flexibility to work from any location.

Our Pledge to Diversity and Inclusivity:

At Integrated Projects, we strive to engage with the most comprehensive range of talent available. We recognize that diverse perspectives spark innovation and collaboration, enabling us to attract creative minds and foster the development of superior products, services, and solutions. We warmly welcome applications from all qualified individuals.

Integrated Projects is committed to offering competitive and fair compensation for a company at our stage, and has provided an estimated pay range for this role. Actual compensation will be based on a candidate’s job-related skills, experience, education or training, and location.

Compensation is structured in three primary methods: annual salary, equity, and discretionary bonus compensation.

Compensation Breakdown

  • ($90,000 - $150,000) Annual Salary Compensation
  • (0.05-0.25%) Eligible Equity Compensation with a four-year vesting schedule (Based on a $15 Million Series Seed valuation.)
  • Eligible for Discretionary Bonus Compensation.

Operating Principles

Read our perspective here: Buildings V. The World

We’ve built a culture of long-term builders.

Till recently, Integrated Projects has differentiated itself from the market by focusing on sustainable, profitable growth—during a time of uncertainty, easy venture money, and wasteful spending. We’ve been obsessive about building for the long-term, while staying practical and creating value for building owners and design professionals today. If successful, digitizing and decarbonizing the built environment will likely not be accomplished within our lifetime—and yet, we’re focused on advancing it.

Here’s our basic operating principles that we expect you to exemplify:

  1. Partnerships, not projects: To solve the largest challenges we face with the built environment, it’s going to take an integrated, ‘all hands on deck’ approach. This means fostering a culture of connection, inclusiveness, and ‘dot-connectors’. Don’t be isolationists within an already fragmented industry.

  2. Show, don’t tell: There’s no shortage of ideas. But communicating how these ideas materialize and develop within a broader ecosystem is hard. Always take bias for showing, demoing, building, and writing—and be impatient keeping ideas to just talk.

  3. Simple, not simplistic: It’s easy to complicate, it’s hard to simplify.

  4. Be an owner, not a manager: Managers work for control, owners work for economics and growth. Run projects like you’re an owner.

  5. Be kind: We’re all just trying to figure this out.